Marine Construction

Bridges, dams, intakes, outfalls, diffusers, and water filtration systems like traveling water screens are just a few key infrastructure locations we repair replace and install. Our composite crews allow us to offer a true “Full Service” crew that perform both the above and below water work. By combining these crafts, we have higher production rates which reduces project schedule while lowering cost and maintaining the utmost safety. Chicago Underwater can provide custom design-build services for your Marine Project. Talk to our estimator (s) who has over 35 years of inland and offshore experience.

Our Marine Construction Services

Marine Services

  • Bridge Inspections and Repairs
  • Custom Bulkheads, Coffer Dams, Dewatering Systems
  • Concrete Inspections, Removal, Repairs, including Pre-Placed Aggregate (PPA)
  • Dock Inspections, repair and refurbishment.
  • Gate repairs-hydraulic cylinder replacements.
  • Concrete, Metal and HDPE Pipe Inspection, repair, installations.
  • Traveling Water Screen inspections, repairs, parts, full screen replacements.

Dams and Hydro Electric Production

  • FERC Inspections
  • Concrete Inspections, Removal, Repairs, including Pre-Placed Aggregate (PPA)
  • High Pressure Epoxy and Grout Injection
  • Stop Log and Dewatering Services.
  • Seal Plate, Guide Track, Roller Bearings removal and replacement.
  • Bascule, Tainer, Weir, Sluice Gate Inspection, Repair and Replacement.

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