Utilizing mechanical, hydraulic and diver assisted dredging technics, Chicago Underwater removes unwanted material from a wide variety of underwater environments. Our experience, resources and custom design equipment allows us to safety remove material from any environment. Marinas, navigation channels, lakes, ponds, rivers, potable storage tanks, elevated water towers, industrial setting ponds and from inside water supply pipes are just a few of the areas we have successfully removed built up sediments and debris for our clients.

Our Dredging Services

Dredging Capabilities

  • Mechanical- Clam, Drag Line and Excavators on land and on floating platforms
  • Hydraulic- Cutter Head mobile units are used to remove material
  • Diver Assisted Dredging (DAD), on many projects the divers are used as the underwater eyes to assist Mechanical or Hydraulic dredging. On smaller removal projects or were mechanical or hydraulic cannot reach, DAD is the ideal method to remove unwanted debris and sediments.


Removal of material is only half the battle when it comes to dredging. Disposal of removed sediments is just as important for a successful project. We work with our customers to find the most economical disposal method for the removed material.

Examples of Successfully disposed sediments include:

  • Placed into open water discharge areas
  • Used for Beach Nourishment.
  • Captured in Dewatering Bags for Processing.
  • Placed into controlled disposal facilities.
  • Sent to soil recycling centers
  • Used as top cover in land fills

Highlight Dredging Projects

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