Commercial Diving

From processing systems to power plants, water is essential to our way of life. Harsh underwater environments deteriorate man-made structures over time and require specially trained personnel to go in the water to perform the work. Underwater mechanical structures, along with ships, bridges, dam’s and water supply systems are just a few of the structures we maintain for our clients.

Our Personnel

Chicago Underwater Divers have logged thousands of hours underwater in virtually every possible condition. They are true “tradesmen” who work underwater. Many of our personnel have backgrounds in the construction and mechanical trades which allows them to apply their top side experience underwater. Our divers have the problem-solving skills that can augment any marine project. The Dive Supervisors are experience at planning, implementation, and the performance phases of the project.

Our Diving Services

Water Supply Services

  • Intake, outfall and water supply line inspections, repairs and installations.
  • Pipeline, concrete, steel, HDPE internal and external inspection repairs including installations.
  • Potable Water Diving
  • Underwater Welding and Burning.

In-Plant Services

  • Clarifiers, holding tanks, settling ponds inspection and cleaning.
  • Wet Well, Hot Well, Scale, sludge and Wastewater areas.
  • Traveling Water Screens, inspections, parts, in water repairs and full replacement services.
  • Circulating, fire suppression, service water pumps, internal valve repair and adjustments.

Dams and Hydro Electric Production

  • FERC Inspections
  • Concrete Inspections, Removal, Repairs, including Pre-Placed Aggregate (PPA)
  • High Pressure Epoxy and Grout Injection
  • Stop Log and Dewatering Services.
  • Seal Plate, Guide Track, Roller Bearings removal and replacement.
  • Bascule, Tainer, Weir, Sluice Gate Inspection, Repair and Replacement.

Special Condition Diving

  • Black Water-Zero Visibility
  • Contamination Diving
  • Hot Water Diving up to 130*
  • Ice Diving (Year-Round Services) (outside temp to -25)
  • Internal Pipe Penetration to 3000-ft
  • Potable Water Diving meeting AWWA- Guidelines.
  • Salvage and Recovery of Aircraft, Barges, Rail Cars, Vehicles and Vessels.

Highlight Commercial Diving Projects

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